Experiencing the power of God! What an awesome week we had in Old Landmark Annual District Meeting and during our Women’s Day Service.

Often as women we are found in the choir, found in the pews, found organizing, found typing, found teaching children and even found raising funds.

But, ladies, this is our time to be available to receive His directions.

OUR TIME for growth and maturity.

OUR TIME for service and for empowerment,

OUR TIME to seize opportunities for ministry.

God has been showing His majesty and He has been giving opportunity, so never remain complacent and at ease in your church pew, at your job or school, in the community or even at home. Look for the God-given opportunities during this, and every hour, to stretch out and to experience the power of God as you say Yes to Him - Yes to His will, His way and His Word.

See you next Sunday morning, if the Lord says the same and delays His coming.

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