“There is a demand for holiness

That must be obeyed

God’s demand is holiness

No other way is made

Holiness in good times

Holiness in bad

Holiness in action

Holiness in word

God’s demand is holiness

That must be obeyed.” © GELT

My Testimony - Just Won’t Make It Without It - HOLINESS

We know we are on a journey and that this is not our home but there is a prerequisite to making it “home” and the prerequisite is HOLINESS – because we just won’t make it, without it. It’s amazing to me that in these terrible, trying, difficult, even devastating times, in these times when as never before we need to truly be in the perfect will of God, that these words are yet true, because we do make the Word what we want it to be. We have drifted far from the old landmark of HOLINESS. We have drifted far from the teachings and the doctrine of our Church, those teachings of HOLINESS. We have ridiculed the absolute truth of His Word - by adding to it and by taking from it. But the Word of God must not be understood as stories but as actual history. The Word of God must always stand above the word of man. We have drifted far from the Book, the Word of God, and the declaration of HOLINESS. We have drifted away from being active in fruitfulness, sober in godly behavior, eager to do God’s work, and being subject to God’s perfect will. Well, if it took it back then, it will take it now. If it does take it for me, it will take it for you. I’m a true believer of HOLINESS and I know that I just won’t make it, without it. That’s my enlightenment!

(Isaiah 35:8)

And an highway shall be there, and a way, and it shall be called The way of HOLINESS; the unclean shall not pass over it; but it shall be for those: the wayfaring men, though fools, shall not err therein. But then we find in Galatians, as we find today, that there are foolish people. Who hath bewitched you that ye should not obey the truth? Are you so foolish? Having begun in the spirit are ye now made perfect by the flesh?

All this is saying is - how foolish to have our roots in HOLINESS and now go our own way. This is that generation which feels it don’t take all that. This is that foolish generation which substitutes other things for the move of God, substitutes other things for the spirit of God, and substitutes other things for the walk with God. In Judges 2 we find a generation which is rising up which knows neither the Lord, nor the works which He has done, and now we find that same generation that knows neither the Lord nor His works among us right now, but we are warned that “…we should be holy and without blame.” Now - to that generation, “If it took it to get it, it will take it to keep it,” because we just won’t make it, without it – HOLINESS.

The Word declares that just as God is holy that we are to be holy in everything that we do. No one can be holy until God Who is holy touches, sanctifies, consecrates, sets apart for His service. There is nothing ordinary or common about HOLINESS people. So, we are to seek for the old paths, the good way, and walk therein. We are to remove not the ancient landmark, which our fathers have set. Psalms says that if the foundations be destroyed what can the righteous do? It is a new trailblazing generation, but we of the old landmark generation are responsible to teach, speak, exhort, preach, admonish, and live the Word before them.

I praise God that I am of His redeemed. I praise God that I am one of His peculiar people because HOLINESS is a call. HOLINESS is a command. There is a look of HOLINESS, but HOLINESS is more than the clothes or the hairstyles or the cosmetics, or the accessories. HOLINESS is also the communications that we have, it’s the songs that we sing, it’s the music that we listen to, it’s the books that we read, it’s the associates that we have, it’s the “do” and it’s the “be ye,” it’s the impact that we have on the world around us. HOLINESS is being set apart for a saintly life in fellowship with God. HOLINESS is taking a stand and rejecting that which is unlike Him. HOLINESS is opening up our mouths and speaking out against immoral acts. HOLINESS is not laughing at ungodly speech and nasty jokes because we’re too embarrassed to be different. HOLINESS is a way of life. And we just won’t make it, without it – HOLINESS.

If HOLINESS people go through life the same way as the world, what difference does HOLINESS make? We are in the world not of the world and we are to “Put a difference between clean and unclean, holy and unholy.” We are to “Come out from amongst them and be ye separated.” We are to “Touch not the unclean thing and then He would receive us.” We are to be different. We are to be peculiar. We are to be a city set on a hill, which cannot be hid. We are to take a stand for HOLINESS. We are to worship Him in the beauty of HOLINESS - which changes only as much and as often as God changes.

We are different, set apart, peculiar, joyful in our sanctification, blessed in our HOLINESS, powerful in our stand, members of the church of God which is in Christ Jesus. Our heritage includes the songs of the old way, testimony service, and being highly anointed of God. We have a reason to hold our heads up high and remain firm in the will of God…we have no reason to be ashamed. Our heritage is HOLINESS

See you next Sunday (Easter Sunday) morning, if the Lord says the same and delays His coming.

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