Last week I had the honor of being the featured main speaker at our Jurisdictional Women's Convention. It was announced by Mother Curlie Davis, Supervisor of Women, that this was the first time that a local person had this honor of speaking at the opening service (an honor usually reserved for out of town visiting guest speakers).

May I share some of my thoughts with you now...

"I embrace HOLINESS as my way of life. I learned the power of prayer and of encouragement and of being a witness and I began to see in myself the PECULIARITY OF ME. Psalms says that if the foundations be destroyed what can the righteous do? And so now, in 2016, I find myself in the midst of a new generation.

But we of the old paths, the proven way, the old landmark generation are yet responsible to teach, speak, exhort, preach, admonish, and most of all - live the Word before this new generation.

We must embrace and live in a way that we witness by our lives what the power of prayer does for a sinner; what a word of encouragement does for a saint. We must stand and say by our actions, without fear that there is a difference between the way of HOLINESS and the way of the world.

Where is the spirit of Holiness?

Where is the spirit of peculiarity?

Where’s the spirit of obedience?

Where is the chosen, royal, holy, peculiar people?

Where are those who He called OUT of darkness and sin and the small foxes and the weights and of compromising...out of the enemy’s tricks, and bounds, and devices of a crossover spirit?

We ARE yet here but sometimes but most are fearful to embrace what we know to be right, because of what others will say, or do, or even take away from us. Fearful of being different! Fearful of being peculiar!"

Well, what do you think of that? I think that HOLINESS is God's unretracted demand for His people.

See you next Sunday morning, if the Lord says the same and delays His coming.

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