A few weeks ago, actually over a month ago, I read something that me son, Minister Sam Townsend, Jr., wrote about worship and being not only a worshiper but a worship leader. Don't just enjoy the following, put it into your life...

"Worship MUST be a lifestyle! It is not just the acts of praise and worship (as taught, practiced, and demonstrated here), but more so the understanding and consistent application that sets a Worship Leader apart from a Worshiper. We can no longer align ourselves with the average ministry or worship leader who can only engage in fervent acts of praise and worship when it is called for on a program and traditionally convenient and welcomed. Authentic praise and worship should come (super)naturally for believers. True worship is what is reproduced when the lifestyle, heart, soul, mind and body become one with the Holy Spirit. If it is not real at home, its not real in the temple. We must educate and train ministry leaders who can unapologetically engage in spiritual warfare. And the more you understand about praise (the what, how, why), the greater threat you become to the enemy. We must become weapons of mass destruction rather than just Pentecostal pistols, Baptist bombs, Christian Center cannons. We must have a full arsenal of weapons - so that when we engage, we annihilate!"

See you next Sunday morning, if the Lord says the same and delays His coming.

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