Do you want to get to the end of what you are doing faster? Then slow down. Give yourself permission to take off the red-cape, relax into your wholeness, and simply BE. Today’s Modern BUSY Woman… Today’s woman wears busyness like a badge of honor. Often times, we have no time for authentic connection back to our own souls. Life is processed through the filter of self. We are with ourselves all the time. Life throws curve balls at us all, growth often comes through pain. We all need time to recharge, reflect and refresh. Nobody will give us this time; we must schedule it for ourselves. The Wisdom of “Wax-On Wax-off.” I am a hard-working, results-driven entrepreneur, and yet I know when toiling, striving and unnecessary struggle begins to creep in. When we “go hard!” (wax-on) it’s equally important to pull back (wax-off.) Do You need SOUL-Rest? We take our cell phones to the bathroom, in the car, everywhere we go we are “connected’ to the noise, demands and agendas of others, and yet with this hectic pace, and over-accessibility, we can quite easily become disconnected from our own truth. SLOW Down you’ll get there faster… "The Devil rushes, God guides."

"Patience is the weapon that forces deceit to reveal itself."

I believe in moving in the NOW with a sense of urgency and seizing the day, but I know that when I am able to pause, reflect and think I make better decisions. It takes maturity and spiritual wisdom to become comfortable with periods of uncertainty or waiting. We live in a fast-food, microwave-mentality society and yet patience reveals truth.

So, "SLOW down, you'll get there faster!"

See you next Sunday morning, if the Lord says the same and delays His coming.

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